How To Goal Bring Your Literature to be Good From the Write

How To Goal Bring Your Literature to be Good From the Write

Welcome to “Writing Quote”.We’re here with you for this week’s, writers quote of the week. How To Goal Bring Your Literature to be Good From the Write. What have we got this with my brother, we are gonna go with Maya Angela, my ads never spoke about Maya Angelou on this channel. so let’s give her the quote honor of the week.

Damn, shame this from, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings classic of literature hit me. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you, Oh God look at that, Oh God. how do you feel about it? Like.

you have that copy of my sweetheart, novel, I do, I still don’t have the tools to tell that story, I still don’t have the wherewithal to tell that story, I still don’t know the perspective from which. I’m telling that story, but I have the whole story inside of me and I’ve had that story inside of me for over.

A decade now and every time, I think about it it’s like thinking, about it feels the same as when you’ve just gotten out of a relationship. okay and every time you think about that person thinking, about that person fills you with such joy and such resentment. That you no longer have that person. okay and I do not mean.

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That is a very lackadaisical sort of, well this is what this is like the sort of, the way it literally feels you get the same emotions out of. it okay, I think this quote is absolutely paramount too.

Goal Literature to be Goodwhat we always preach on this channel, you have to write every day, you have to get the words out you do the problem is like with that sweetheart novel of mine.

sometimes getting the words out is not enough, sometimes getting the words out, is not getting the peace out. I even had this trouble stole with short stories, yeah, in fact, I think it was two weeks ago.

I told you and I it was in the variety hour about how I went on a rage, yes and you finished your short story.

I wrote a short story from one o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the morning, and it’s about a two thousand word short story, that I I motored all the way through, but I had that thing in me, but we could have two weeks before that.

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And you know that’s the romantic view of a rider toiling over the work. trying to find that perfect set of wording. that just gets that point across that sums it up, you’ve got to get that out it is unbearable, to have it inside of you and I think what it really speaks to, is the speech to the importance of editing.

Yes, the short story, that I motored through until six o’clock in the morning with cigars and perhaps an adult beverage perhaps definitely too many.

What did you think when it was done you felt better, I felt that better, weight had been lifted it’s out it’s done. it’s it is complete, it is not done what’s the story is their first on it has not been. t has not been sculpted the way it needs to be sculpted.

There’s the story of Michelangelo, I think it is when he first finished perhaps the David. where he one of his patrons, he brought in to see it and the thing about sculpture is especially. when it’s like 16 feet tall it’s like looking at anything, that has blown out of proportions depending on where you look At.

it’s gonna look funny, yeah, so one of these patrons he brought in was. I well am you think about it the guy said the nose is too big can’t do it but gotta fix it, so he’s sort of like. the story goes that, he had a handful of dust and he went up there with the chisel and hammer and he just sort of let the dust go as he was going, but he didn’t change anything.

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She and he’s up there he goes eight stand over here real quick how’s. it looks now beautiful gorgeous amazing, it is complete rarely does a story happen that way where despite, what anyone says you know that it’s perfect and it’s in its form but I think of the simplest form that really harkens back to writing be therapeutic a lot of people are prescribing. why don’t you get your thoughts down do a journal diary?

whatever you want to call it because getting that inner turmoil out in this fashion is a good thing. Right, if you follow me there ok, I can go with that ok, I think that’s in a strange way it’s also about the opposite okay, because like I said with that sweetheart novel again to keep hearting back to the same example once you’ve got it out that is not the end of it right. there’s more to it there’s always two it, but just that initial expression.

Look at a first-time writer, the first time you sit down and you complete something right. that’s a big milestone and it feels like that’s been lifted like you, finally have accomplished it so, I think that’s what she’s trying to get across, I was actually just going to cut you off, because for once you agreed with me. oh my god, I’ll take it everything, you’re like but on the other hand, it’s gonna bleed opposite. so what let’s hear the quote one more time right let’s hear once more Maya Angelou, there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. I like it, I think at I like it a lot what do you think of this quote have you read any Maya Angelou and what are your thoughts about it what quote should we use next week.

Thank you for reading in the “Writing Quote“, thank you, it is part of our goal to bring you literature to be that from the writers. writers perspective the readers, perspective be it from a film, books, poetry no matter, what that’s part of our goal here the best up literature and writing almost every day of the week. Right, so if you if you noticed something here, that brought value to your writer’s life, we’d really appreciate it if you hit that share button.

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