Writers Quote Of The Week Ignorant Verbally Challenged

Writers Quote Of The Week Ignorant Verbally Challenged

Welcome to “Writing Quote”, Ok we were here with you for this week’s, edition of writerly quote of the week about Ignorant Verbally Challenged, since I took last week I’m going to give the honors, to eat during this time around what do We got this week Brother this week’s quote comes from Stephen King in on writing. Oh, if I may interject on writing, you say on writing either you would like to win a copy of Stephen King’s on riot, II you should definitely check out the “Writing Quote” challenge from this week and we’ll see about that look at that plug.

Writers Quote Of The Week Ignorant Verbally ChallengedI’m a professional at this, I’m amazing anyway carry on carrying on page 187 and I quote as it happens I agree with my mother profanity and vulgarity is the language of the ignorant and the verbally challenged, mostly that is there are exceptions including profane aphorisms and great of great color and vitality so profanity and vulgarity. How does that fit into writing what does, that say to you don’t uh I’m torn on this one right, I really am because I believe to get an honest look at someone’s character, you should not censor them right and if any of my college professors are watching, this yes and you remember the f-bombs, then I dropped, not only in class, but in a few of my papers as well all of your papers.

it’s not fair, I don’t, I don’t know that, I okay, yeah, vulgarity is the language of ignorant and verbally challenged there are moments for all of us. Where we become ignorant and verbally. challenged right, I think that that is it, is it tells a lot about a character, when that character finally breaks and drops, some f-bombs and I I could understand, saying that ignorant verbally challenged, yes they’re going to resort to profanity, because they have no better way to express their anger no better way to express what they’re trying to get across but on the other hand see.

well, I think that also plays into weaker sweet. maybe I’m just generalizing this, because it’s me and this is how I am but that’s writing isn’t it I fall into vulgarity and curse, words and profanity, when I am angry or just really comfortable, Tigra vet it’s part of my character and I think there are a time and a place for profanity, vulgarity, I let’s look at this channel as an example this is not a place for profanity and vulgarity and less necessary as the literature brings forth, we’ve had to stop several Article.

I want you to know yes there is a lot of editing because of profanity Advil dirty, but that is the difference between a professional atmosphere. where we’re trying to speak about literature and discuss literature with anyone’s ability to watch Reyes and we’re trying to keep a wide audience, but I think outside of here in a friendly relationship, where you are comfortable there is going to be profanity and vulgarity that’s except bantering that back and forthright also look at the literary greats that went ahead and employed is Bukowski Hemingway.

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Stephen King is no, no stranger to an f-bomb exactly and there is a time and place for that if it’s necessary like, I said if the literature is bringing it forward absolutely no means we should censor it no means because good literature should never be censored. There can be nothing that you are afraid to write about, there can be nothing that you were afraid to write exactly no words that you are afraid to use because if they are words inherent to that character, that character has to come forth and let’s let’s take a future plan.

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