The Six Short Story Author For Reading Right Now

The Six Short Story Author For Reading Right Now

short Story the Author George SaundersHey welcome to Write Quote, we’re here with a six things list for you today, this time six short story authors that we’re reading right now . Right now Ernest Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway one short story author that I’m reading certainly right now is George Saunders this is in persuasion nation you might know him from his most recent collection the tenth of December. He is the current king of the short story, he made short stories fun again. So, I think that one thing you’ve got to be ready for is you’ve got to be ready for some humor and you’ve got to be ready to be sad and you’ve got to be ready to take both of those ideas at the same time and that will give you George Saunders keeping the theme with the Lost Generation.

Let’s talk about f scott fitzgerald now, I’m sure that everybody read Bernice Bob’s or hair in high school that’s pretty much a stable, but let’s also talk about the curious case of benjamin button.

Do you know we’re out that one too I’m looking at you Brad Pitt TC Boyle of Iowa Writers Workshop, fame is another short story author that, I’m pretty enamored with right now this is the Scribner anthology of contemporary short fiction revised and updated second edition he’s got his, his short story caviar is in this one it’s not my favorite of his short stories, but it’s definitely a good one and a great place to start with TC Boyle.

If you have to be prepared to be a little bit sad while reading something funny with George Saunders be prepared for something funny and slightly outlandish, while getting punched in the gut with TC Boyle I’m going to go just a little bit off the wall with this last one and appeal to the science fiction nerd within me. Franz Kafka if you haven’t read the metamorphosis yet you need to go out and give that one a look what would a list of short story writers from a Missourian be without a mention of Mark Twain Mark Twain was the master of contemporary writing before contemporary writing was contemporary writing Ernest Hemingway said as much and right here I’ve got Mark Twain the diaries of Adam and Eve and other stories part of Mark Twain’s addition to literature I guess if I can even say itthis way was the contrarian nature sure there is contrarian in Canaan before Twain, but Twain was really nothing but contrarian so there it is and if you didn’t get it .

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Already this is the Hemingway to my Fitzgerald I thought sure Gertrude Stein. I want to be Gertrude Stein but I’m gonna be Fitzgerald, for now I won’t get there we’ll get there so guys who are you reading who should we read next what should our next six things list be about shoot us a comment and while you’re share this article

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